How can Facebook be used to promote an event?

How can Facebook promote an event?

Personally, as Dews’ French Lingerie, we put up posters of an event on Facebook, we describe the event and tell people the charges of the event, venue and the time the event will take place.This will therefore link people together and will help them know more about the company.

Promotion of blog articles via twitter.

There are several ways twitter can be used to promote blog articles webinars and interesting news. I have gotten to learn that the easiest place to post a link to something is twitter. I usually post links to blog articles on this blog or news articles relevant to hub spot. It’s a better idea to post articles on other websites, all, e.g., Mathews lingerie on Facebook, Twitter, Blog post, Linked in, in short, relevant to our business ground which is for that matter Dew’s French lingerie.

Just the other day one of our clients got to post in our inbox how impressed she was about the sale delivery we made for her. She even tagged us in her pictures. She was a satisfied client. That is a success story which I posted on all our social sites for our audience to see. We post our appealing content for our audience like free webinars, post links to those too

How do we prospect for new clients or customers? To prospect for new customers, one has to find prospects and their companies on twitter and see what type of content they are posting to their account, see if they answer every tweet, or tweeting multiple times daily. This type of information makes one get a glimpse into the person or group company you would fancy doing business with.

The other thing would be nice to Connect and engage with your leads. After researching your prospects, the next step is to make them feel comfortable with your sales team and your company. If you want prospects to turn to your sales people when they need what you offer, then Focus on a consultative sell of valuable information when people need it. Use your social networks to tell prospects more about your company and the important content you can provide.

Content marketing is important with this approach, so your sales team needs to be aligned with your marketing team. Your salespeople are at the lead, so they know what’s important to their prospects. Share this information with your marketing team so they can develop case studies, guides, info graphics, and how-to videos. These are vital to your sales success. Keep a close eye on what your prospects are tweeting about. If they’re tweeting about personal things, you may not want to re-tweet them. But if they’re posting about their business, then re-tweet.

If the company is posting about great happenings, you could like and re-tweet their content. The more they see that you’re interested, the easier the next steps in your sales process will be.

There are several ways one could start making connections on twitter which involve your company following prospects business tweets on their personal accounts tweets about their company. Your company should follow your prospects company and if they feel comfortable doing so, then your sales people should follow both the company and prospect.

Finally, it’s now time to ask people you have connected with and have liked and shared content for a meeting. Would be nice to use a hash tag when tweeting or even during the meeting.





ROI can be measured in a variety of ways.
For example, Through Reach and clicks Coca Cola company has been able to measure their ROI.
Coca Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. On twitter coca cola has more than 3.24m followers and they receive more than 70 tweets a day. On their Facebook page they have 97,544,717 likes as well as fans. Through this they are able to know how many people follow them on twitter, like their page on Facebook etc.
They have also measured their ROI using the number of clicks on the links they post on Facebook or twitter. They have also used the customer acquisition way by having the coca cola promotion which attracted a lot of new customers. For example, their “Share a Coke” campaign (replacing the logos on Coke cans with popular names among young people) encouraged customers to share a Coke with a friend. Essentially, Coke was inviting buyers to participate in a massive social marketing experience.

They have managed to get new customers and measured their return on investment by the number of new customers they managed to acquire. The campaign generated huge customer participation, particularly online – there are a whopping 341,000 posts on Instagram with the hash tag #share coke. Coca-Cola also reports that 96% of consumer sentiment toward the campaign is either positive or neutral.
Coca Cola Company has also generated leads through capturing interest in their brands. Through the Share a coke campaign they have managed to retain their customer’s loyalty and capture interest in their products. This has in turn attracted and converted clients into customers. Through their leads generated they have been able to measure their benefits from the investments they made in this campaign.

Safaricom has more users that use their services and engage with them on social media. Safaricom measures their ROI using site traffic, reach and contest entries. On their Facebook page they have 1,296,964 likes. They also have 4,000 reviews on Facebook. On twitter they have 627 thousand followers and they 583 thousand tweets. They measure site traffic by looking at the number of people who have tried to reach them and the number of people who engage with them on social media.

Through this information they have been able to measure their ROI. Safaricom also measures their ROI through contest entries. An example of their contest entry is “Shangwe Mtaani” where they have 100 entries on registration, 100 entries for every correct answer the participant answers, 50 entries for every wrong answers, 1000 entries for every 10,000 entries. They get to ask questions and the wining participants get prizes. Through this they are able to see how many users of Safaricom participate in the entries and measure ROI.

LinkedIn,Personal branding& Resume

Branding matters since it helps a company to differentiate itself.Choose your brand focus,prove your UP,if a company is claiming to be generating fame then LinkedIn needs to prove your ability to do so. Infuse your profile with keywords,request brand focused testimonials and then share brand driven group data.Resume, a one-page summary  experiences and skills, should highlight an extracurricular and volunteer accomplishments as well as a work experience. Write effective reviews, browse sample review, and understand the role of keywords.


Tips on career management on linkedIn

LinkedIn is useful for many aspects of a career: networking , keeping up with professional field, building and maintaining  online presence, and job searching. Hence, LinkedIn can essentially be your career-management tool. Once you have a solid profile. LinkedIn is making it increasingly easy  to keep in touch with  network. It indicates when one  has a work anniversary, new job and even a birthday. LinkedIn also allows one to be more intentional with their network maintenance.